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Sacbelle was formerly an online replica shop. Whether shoppers were looking for 80% off replica Chanel handbags, replica Chanel watches, replica Chanel sunglasses, or replica Chanel jewelry, all of these categories of wholesale or retail replica items may have been available for sale at this Chanel outlet.CHANEL_watch_replica_home Authentic CHANEL were not being sold at Sacbelle. All items were replicas. None of the replicas had any association with CHANEL. The fake Chanel that was previously being sold at Sacbelle was determined to be illegal products by the Federal Court, so sales of the replica items have been suspended permanently. The former owner has also been removed, by court order.

Knockoffs, fakes, imitations, inspired by, copies, or replicas are all terms generally used by replica traffickers to market illegal goods. Trafficking fake Chanel products is absolutely against the law, and anyone caught may face heavy penalties including incarceration, fines and civil judgments. CHANEL will not condone online replica operations that offer such illegally produced and distributed items.

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