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Often times when people go to buy a replica Chanel bag the only thing they are thinking about is the price they are paying for the bag, what they often don't think about is the large price that others must pay as well for that replica bag. Replicas have a negative impact on the world. People, even children, are exploited in the making of knockoff handbags or fake wallets for only pennies a day and the profits from the sale of replicas are often used to weaken national and international security as they flow into criminal and terrorist organizations. It even hurts your local economy and takes away millions of dollars from schools and public services because sellers and makers of replica goods often do not pay taxes that they are liable for.


It may be difficult to believe that the purchase of replica handbags or wallets is a detriment to quality of life, from world governments down to the local day care. The heavy price we pay in the purchasing replica bags or replica jewelry is actually manifested in our daily lives. Counterfeiting organizations often elude taxes and tariffs, and in turn burdens the public with enforcement and administrative costs, loss of jobs, and less funding for parks and recreation. Purchasing a replica could result in the neighborhood pool being closed for the summer.

The mistake that some people who buy Chanel replica handbags make is that they confuse price with value. It is true that replica goods are cheaper but that is because they are made with lower quality material and workmanship, often in dangerous conditions and without any quality control. While you might save money on that first purchase you will be spending a lot more in the long run because while genuine goods do cost more they are of extremely higher quality and will last much longer. So in the time that you could still be looking great with your genuine CHANEL handbag you instead will be having to replace your replica Chanel over and over again as it tears, fades or just all together falls apart.

Don't think that just one person's actions don't matter - they do. Choose to be genuine, don't buy counterfeit.

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