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Claiming that all their products were "100% brand new and authentic" Sacbelle sold many different styles of replica Chanel handbags. Among the styles offered were a replica Chanel Bucket Handbag in Black, Pink or White for $475.00 USD currency, a replica Chanel Cambon Multi pocket Snakeskin Reporter Bag for $1,200.00, a replica Chanel Camera Bag in Black, Pink or White for $489.00 or in Snakeskin for $584.00, a replica Chanel Classic Handbag Black for $590.00, a replica Chanel Classic Black Handbag Medium for $645.00, a replica Chanel Classic Black Handbag in Patent Leather for $615.00 and a Chanel Classic Handbag in Black or Brown for $545.00. All of the replica Chanel handbags sold by Sacbelle came with fake serial numbers and fake authentication cards.

After CHANEL obtained one of the handbags sold through there was no difficulty in telling the difference between the knockoff Chanel handbag and the real thing due to the inferior workmanship and materials used in the replica Chanel handbag. Specifically the strap, the exterior and interior features of the handbag, including the mark, label, serial number sticker, card, and dust cover are dissimilar to those used in connection with genuine CHANEL handbags.

In order to prevent future victimization of consumers by replica and counterfeit traders online, CHANEL filed a lawsuit against the operators of on June 5th, 2007.

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